Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Phone2Action? 

Phone2Action is a civic engagement software platform that organizations use to acquire and engage supporters. Our tools help organizations mobilize their supporters so they can take action at events and connect with elected officials at the local, state, and federal level, as well as help connect people with services. Our advocacy software makes it easy for advocates to email, patch-through call, Tweet at, and post on the Facebook wall of elected officials. Our services delivery tools help advocates learn about and sign-up for programs. Phone2Action is non-partisan – we believe that everyone has a viewpoint and it’s our mission to amplify those voices.

Q: Is Phone2Action a partisan company? 

No. Phone2Action is non-partisan. We strive to increase civic engagement and enhance the democratic process by making it easy for individuals across the ideological spectrum to connect with lawmakers on the issues that matter to them and the organizations or companies they support.

Q: What kind of actions can advocates take using Phone2Action tools?

Advocates can take many actions on the Phone2Action platform. They can email elected officials, call elected officials, Tweet at officials, post on the Facebook walls of elected officials, share actions on social media, sign petitions, sign-up for information about programs, load pre-loaded Tweets, receive and read text messages, take surveys, and much, much more.

Q: What tools will I have access to? 

Depending on the plan you have, you will have access to a wide-range of advocacy and engagement tools, from our mobile marketing and text messaging platform to our award-winning advocacy tools. From the platform dashboard, you can update and manage campaigns, drill-down to see support down to the State House level, and more!

Q: How do I use it?

Our tools can be activated via text message, embedded within emails, and shared on social media.

Q: What’s a call-to-action?

A call-to-action is an instruction to an audience to provoke an immediate response. Within our platform, a call-to-action includes a call for advocates to join a campaign, whether by clicking a link over email, on social media, or by sending a text message in response to a call-to-action at an event or from an advertisement, including a billboard, radio or TV ad, bus ad, or other form of media.

Q: How do I login?

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