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SocialPulse: Leading the Way for Social Media Advocacy

Log in to your Facebook or Twitter account. Right now. Scroll through your news feed. I’ll bet that you’ll find posts and tweets from friends advocating for public policy issues without having to scroll too far down the page. Now, if you are an advocacy campaign... read more

Finding Our Humanity in Civic Technology

When new technology ‘disrupts’ our way of life, we have a choice. We can respond with fear, cynicism, and the heaviness of uncertainty. Or, we can respond with gratitude, creativity, and the lightness of opportunity. Years ago, when I first learned about the rise of... read more

Webinar: Move New Supporters to Action

In the past few months, you’ve probably noticed people joining marches, contacting their legislators, and sharing their political opinions on Facebook much more often than usual. Everyday people are taking action on political and social issues at an unprecedented... read more

Will the tech community rally on Net Neutrality?

Last month, Congress voted to invalidate FCC rules on broadband privacy which would have prevented Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from collecting and selling their customers’ information without their permission. Tech advocacy groups across the country strongly... read more