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Building Sustainable Movements

Phone2Action Co-Founder and CEO Jeb Ory recently appeared on Digital Politics with Karen Jagoda to talk about how to measure success in grassroots advocacy. Read below for some key takeaways from his words on building sustainable movements. Grassroots advocacy works.... read more

The Election is Over. Now What?

Three essential steps to winning advocacy campaigns By Jeb Ory, Phone2Action Co-founder This week, the Phone2Action team assembled an all-star panel for a dynamic post-election discussion at the National Press Club. Joined by friends, clients and supporters in the... read more

What Are You Waiting For?

Create Something . . . By Phone2Action VP of Engineering Chris Monnat Seriously. Put down your device, close the online magazine and pick up a book. Pause that episode of Stranger Things and boot up the computer. Don’t hit the snooze button, get up and build... read more

Do What You LOVE

Marketing + Black Hawk Helicopters By Greg Acs, Phone2Action Marketing Coordinator It’s 6:30pm on a weekday and while DC traffic is in full-force, my alarm rings, displaying “1830 Night Vision Goggle Flight with CW2 Thomas” on the screen. And so it begins, the second... read more

New Office, Amazing Staff & VC Funding

Phone2Action is Poised to Take Digital Advocacy to the Next Level By Phone2Action Co-Founder and CEO Jeb Ory When we started, digital advocacy was in its infancy. Smartphones were still considered new, and advocacy platforms weren’t designed to work on mobile. Elected... read more