Phone2Action’s digital grassroots platform makes it easy for your organization to attract and engage supporters. Social media, calling, and email advocacy tools connect supporters to elected officials at every level, from city council to Federal delegations, as well as to civic programs.

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Digital grassroots advocacy tools that connect supporters with officials. Like contact management software for non-profits

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Why we work with Phone2Action

“In just nine days, our diverse coalition of businesses, industries and tech enthusiasts across the country sent messages to every U.S. Senator and almost every Representative, as well as emails directly to the White House. This activity was enabled by our member company Phone2Action’s advocacy platform, which allows business leaders and everyday voters alike to connect with policymakers via email, Twitter and Facebook. As a result, everywhere policymakers turned online we were present with our messaging on the ports crisis – they couldn’t ignore our call to action.”

-Gary Shapiro

CEO and President
Consumer Electronics Association

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Phone2Action + NationBuilder:
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Connect with NationBuilder, and see your advocates’ contact information and activity in both systems automatically. Then, use NationBuilder for donor management, to power your website, raise money, and more!

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NationBuilder + Phone2Action Sync

  • We use Phone2Action to put pressure on and to provide cover for our legislative champions because we know that when legislators hear from their constituents that they want school choice, the legislators listen.

  • Phone2Action [is] assuming functions once reserved for political parties and special interest groups.

  • Phone2Action makes it easy for people to take action. When a small group uses Phone2Action, it can be as powerful as a thousand people with signs rallying to advance a cause.

  • Phone2Action gets grassroots advocacy. Their technology powers our initiatives and gets amazing results. It’s a gamechanger.

  • While the smartphone revolution opened the door, it has been the meteoric rise of social media that has given Phone2Action’s tools even more potency.

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