Client Testimonials

We’re proud to work with a diverse group of nonprofits, associations, and companies. Here’s what some of our clients say about Phone2Action.

50 Can“Phone2Action helps to create a narrative that’s beneficial for everyone—lawmakers, advocates, and organizations. Lawmakers are excited when they can point to an exact number of constituents who supported the way they decided to vote. Advocates and organizations love to see the impact they make when they band together.”

—Danielle Capalbo, Director of Communications, 50CAN

“Phone2Action’s API allowed me to create an embeddable widget that looked exactly like the rest of our site—you couldn’t tell where the IFrames began. Usually, embed tools don’t allow for customization beyond changing a color or two, but with Phone2Action, I could manipulate everything, including the CSS.”

—Patrick Hills, Creative & Design Director, Internet Association

Association for Accessible Medicines

"The previous tool we were using for campaigns was not easily integrated with our website or with social media platforms like Facebook. Phone2Action campaign widgets integrate seamlessly with our website design and we are able to easily put our advocacy messages in front of our website visitors when they are at the point of taking action.

After we switched to Phone2Action from another platform, we saw an immediate lift in conversions on our advocacy campaign pages. We ran the numbers—our conversions actually increased 100x—without any changes to the messaging. By doing A/B testing, we could confidently attribute this lift to the superior user experience and design of our Phone2Action campaign pages.”

—Erica Klinger, Director of Marketing at Association for Accessible Medicines


"Beautycounter is devoted to progress. We provide a wealth of empowering information about ways we can all make the world healthier, along with safer products you can trust. We’ve been using the Phone2Action platform to reach thousands of advocates through everyday social media channels."

—Lindsay Dahl, VP of Community Affairs & Engagement,

consumer technology association

“In just nine days, our diverse coalition of businesses, industries and tech enthusiasts across the country sent messages to every U.S. Senator and almost every Representative, as well as emails directly to the White House."

—Gary Shapiro, CEO and President, Consumer Technology Association

Human Rights Campaign

“Phone2Action’s customer support and engineering teams provide us with hands-on support to ensure we take full advantage of the platform for every campaign we run, meeting us at the high bar we set for ourselves and that our advocates expect. Phone2Action treats us like a true partner.”

—Drew Daniels, Senior Manager of Online Strategy, Human Rights Campaign


“The Phone2Action platform is powerful, allowing us to be independent and have control over our campaigns. Best of all, we can create campaigns and get them up and running in less than an hour, allowing us to be responsive to the rapidly changing reality of local and state politics. People that take action through a Phone2Action campaign are important parts of our advocacy efforts and often testify on our behalf at hearings.”

—Jeremie Vella, Senior Manager of Digital Organizing, Lyft

montana conservation voters

"I can't tell you how important it is that we maintain a user-friendly mobile platform for capturing petition signatures, contacting elected officials via Twitter, Facebook, and email with one click, and opting members into text messages. Phone2Action's platform does all of this—and makes it easy."

—Ross Prosperi, Field Director, Montana Conservation Voters

"Connecting with millennials is essential to our work, and we absolutely have to have Phone2Action to connect with this generation, as it is crucial we make engagement as simple as possible."

—Lindsay Bourgoine, Manager, Advocacy and Campaigns, Protect Our Winters


“We needed a system that was going to make it as easy as possible for citizens to engage, Phone2Action is a core platform to supporting our advocacy efforts, helping us engage passionate people at a grassroots level.”

—Shannon Hartley, CMO, Shatterproof

plastic pollution coalition“Many people want to help curb plastic pollution. They might even carry around reusable water bottles and stop using plastic bags, but these same people don’t keep up with the legislation surrounding the issue. Phone2Action makes it easy for us to get the message out, and we can mobilize people in the right place, at the right time.”
—Emily DiFrisco, Director of Communications, Plastic Pollution Coalition

make the road new york“Phone2Action’s text messaging is one of the most powerful tools we use to get people to engage and act. Using a keyword and short code is a very direct way of showing folks that they can take action quickly and easily. Text message alerts allow us to sound the alarm for rapid response moments when we need the community to respond and take action right away.”

—Ricardo Aca, Digital Organizer, Make the Road New York