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Connect your supporters with their elected officials through Phone2Action’s game-changing, effective, and easy-to-use grassroots advocacy platform.

Increase campaign awareness, influence public policy decisions, reach new supporters and increase conversions.

Five years ago, we filled a gap in advocacy by building the first mobile-responsive all-in-one-platform for digital grassroots engagement. Today, we continue innovating while bringing a wealth of experience and data-informed best practices to stakeholder engagement.

Our Clients

Phone2Action partners with clients ranging from the largest associations and non-profits to corporations in the Fortune 500.



See how Lyft uses Phone2Action’s mobile advocacy tools to amplify the voices of community members.

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Leveraging technology to aid the passage of the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act in California.

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Georgia Charter Schools Association

The organization leveraged both online and offline, and grasstops and grassroots strategies to great success.

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National Humanities Alliance

Mobilizing supporters to send over 150,000 messages to Congress and the White House within a two-day period.

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Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry’s uses Phone2Action’s technology to encourage customers and ice cream lovers everywhere to weigh in on the Voting Rights Act.

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American Heart Association

The American Heart Association used Phone2Action to make it easy for advocates to take action resulting in passing a landmark health education bill in New York.

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Key Benefits

Create & Activate

Launch campaigns in 30 minutes or less to connect your supporters with lawmakers via e-mail, webform, social media, and phone. Advocates can also post comments on all regulatory forms.

Broadcast, Mobilize & Engage

Access a variety of broadcasting channels including SMS, MMS, links, web code, or API access to mobilize your supporters and foster continued engagement through one-to-one communications.

Track & Report

Get real-time, up-to-the minute reporting on your campaigns – including who your top advocates are, what they’re saying to lawmakers on social media, and conversions from your text keywords.


Build relationships with advocates, drive lawmaker and constituent conversation, and track social media and success metrics - all from one dashboard.

The Latest in Advocacy


2017 has seen a 67% increase in grassroots advocacy, and that energy isn’t dying down anytime soon. Learn how to leverage this captive audience and drive your campaigns.
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See for yourself what advocates experience when taking action. Simply enter your email address and zip code into the form on the right, and then click the "Find Legislators" button.

Why We’re the Most Trusted Partner in Digital Advocacy

legislative connections Phone2Action has powered

campaigns created with the Phone2Action platform


of campaigns that leverage all of our tools achieve legislative wins

“In just nine days, our diverse coalition of businesses, industries and tech enthusiasts across the country sent messages to every U.S. Senator and almost every Representative, as well as emails directly to the White House."

Gary Shapiro

CEO and President, Consumer Technology Association

“The Phone2Action platform is powerful, allowing us to be independent and have control over our campaigns. Best of all, we can create campaigns and get them up and running in less than an hour, allowing us to be responsive to the rapidly changing reality of local and state politics. People that take action through a Phone2Action campaign are important parts of our advocacy efforts and often testify on our behalf at hearings.”

Jeremie Vella, Senior Manager of Digital Organizing


“Beautycounter is devoted to progress. We provide a wealth of empowering information about ways we can all make the world healthier, along with safer products you can trust. We’ve been using the Phone2Action platform to reach thousands of advocates through everyday social media channels."

Lindsay Dahl, Vice President of Community Affairs & Engagement


“We needed a system that was going to make it as easy as possible for citizens to engage, Phone2Action is a core platform to supporting our advocacy efforts, helping us engage passionate people at a grassroots level.”

Shannon Hartley, Chief Marketing Officer


"Connecting with millennials is essential to our work, and we absolutely have to have Phone2Action to connect with this generation, as it is crucial we make engagement as simple as possible."

Lindsay Bourgoine, Manager, Advocacy and Campaigns

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