Stakeholder Management

Track Relationships and Connections with Your Key Influencers

Today’s most effective public affairs professionals are ditching spreadsheets and tracking their key contacts and connections more efficiently with new technology. Being aware of those relationships and properly managing them can be the extra push needed to win support from decision-makers.

Phone2Action Stakeholder Management tools make it easy to survey advocates, identify existing relationships, and track meetings between your organization’s leaders and lawmakers to measure your impact and identify new opportunities.

And, all of this is seamlessly integrated with your advocacy program and data on the Phone2Action platform.

stakeholder management

Top Features

Find Your True Champions

  • Quickly survey your advocates and their existing relationships with lawmakers
  • Automatically catalog the relationship data with grassroots advocates and influencers within your organization, so you can look at a legislator’s profile and find all of your key interaction data in one place—from your desktop as well as our new mobile application
  • Rate that measures the strength of the relationship and whether or not the advocate can easily contact the decision-maker

Contact Management System

  • Capture every contact, meeting, call, and event they have with legislators and other stakeholders via an easy-to-use web and mobile app
  • Identify touchpoints your organization has with every stakeholder and sort, filter, and find the right contact to advance your issue

Track Social Media Activity

  • Track what lawmakers and influencers are saying on social media

Obtain Complete Advocate Visibility

  • Review a real-time tracker of every meeting, tweet, email, and call connected to your stakeholders
  • Add notes, attachments, pictures, and important dates to stakeholder profiles

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