Advocacy for Nonprofits

Build a More Robust Grassroots Advocacy Program

Whether you’re trying to increase engagement, track metrics to impress your board, increase your cause’s visibility, or run grassroots campaigns while also moderating the message, Phone2Action is the best advocacy platform for nonprofits. Take a look at what our platform can do:


your campaign visibility by leveraging digital tools—including social media


a long-lasting relationship with advocates, track their actions, and engage them in higher-value activity


your campaign message at all times while still empowering your advocates to speak out with their own voices


Phone2Action with best-in-class technologies, either through custom integrations or APIs

Amplify the voices of your members and supporters

Phone2Action gives you effective tools to amplify your message and mission and that of your supporters and members. By leveraging social media in addition to email and phone, you ensure that your advocates’ messages are viewed in a public forum, adding an extra level of accountability—and the potential of garnering attention from the media.

Specific benefits include:

  • Launch a campaign in 30 minutes or less and quickly respond to issues as they arise
  • Connect with lawmakers over Facebook, Twitter, email, webforms or phone
  • Watch legislative connections happen in real time

Establish a track record of successful engagement

As a charitable organization, you are accountable for the success of your campaigns. We want to empower you to always know how your campaigns are running, so we’ve built a dashboard with every piece of data you’d ever need.

The dashboard updates in real time and tells you how many advocates you’ve engaged, which channels—email, Facebook, Twitter, or phone—they prefer to use, how many times legislators have been contacted and more. Each campaign you create has a similar dashboard that lets you break down these numbers by individual campaign.

Control your campaign message at all times

As a charitable organization, your effectiveness rests on your reputation. Thus, it’s important to us that you have full control of your campaign message at all times.

If you want to empower your advocates to speak out in their own words and write their own, custom messages, Phone2Action’s Deferred Send feature lets you approve (or reject) each advocate’s custom message before it makes its way to an elected official.

Lean on our team for support

Phone2Action is a customer-centric company. Our customers are the reason we exist. Our Co-Founder, former Advocacy Director, and a member of our dedicated and passionate Customer Success team, Ximena Hartsock, strongly believes in offering exceptional support to all accounts no matter how big or small at no additional cost.

So, whether you’re the only person running advocacy efforts or are part of a larger team, we'll make sure you not only have the best tools, but a team that will support you and be a true partner. Our customer success team is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Whether you’re looking for help with campaign strategy, or figuring out accounting and compliance procedures, we’ll help however we can.

Integrate with your entire tech stack

Our goal to continue being the best advocacy platform requires focus. We don't strive to be your entire technology ecosystem, but choose to concentrate on innovating in digital engagement. In today’s day and age, all systems must talk to one another, so we make it a priority to integrate with our best-in-class counterparts. Our integrations ensure that data is connected so you can capture a holistic view of your advocates' activities across all platforms. Some of our integration partnerships are with the following companies:

  • Salesforce
  • NationBuilder
  • MailChimp
  • YourMembership
  • Constant Contact

We want to be your trusted partner and to add to your workflow, not detract from it. These integrations offer the best of all worlds.


Engage your supporters in grassroots advocacy campaigns

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