Enhance Your Government Affairs Strategy

Grassroots advocacy made easy, efficient, and scalable


Government Affairs and Relations teams have their hands full. From aligning grasstops supporters, meeting members of Congress and Administration officials, and connecting the dots at the state and local levels, there is never enough time.

Our technology allows you to engage your employees and other stakeholders on the devices they use every minute of every day: their smartphones.

Phone2Action’s proprietary advocacy platform allows employees to connect with lawmakers in one click. And when you need broader, more public engagement, we have advertising technology that can target and acquire advocates online in any congressional district in the country.

Set up a multi-channel advocacy campaign in less than 30 minutes using our intuitive platform, and then let the campaign run itself. Even a 1-person government affairs team can run a large-scale grassroots campaign.


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With Phone2Action you can build an army of advocates ready to fight for your issue right at your fingertips.


Easy to use and quick to activate

Easy to deploy campaigns

Easy for advocates to take action



Target by Congressional District and more

  Adjust campaign quickly

Personalize messages


Text message keywords—reach interested advocates on their phones

Social media broadcasting and audience segmentation

Patch-through calls to constituents’ elected officials

Post to regulatory forms


Monitor in real-time and generate detailed reports on campaign performance

Transform customers into advocates.


Our technology will dynamically match your supporters with their lawmakers on the local, state, federal, or regulatory level, making it easy for them to make their voices heard

Provide a benefit for your employees.



Your employees deserve the best. Show them that they’re valued by providing cutting-edge technology that empowers them to raise visibility on the issues that matter to them.

Make your supporters heard.

Launch a sleek, branded advocacy site—no technical experience required—and connect your advocates to their elected officials with our integrated patch- through calling, email, and social media tools.

Track everything.

Advocacy occurs in real-time. You need reporting that gives you full control over your advocacy program. Your team can receive daily, weekly, or monthly reports that detail key campaign activity.

Does your company want to increase their advocacy efforts?

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