A Review of 2017 and a Look Ahead to 2018

2017 by the Numbers

More than 5 million people used Phone2Action campaigns to contact policymakers.

People contacted lawmakers 13 million times, via email, Twitter, Facebook or phone. This equals to 25 messages per minute, every minute of the year.

Organizations created more than 11,000 campaigns using Phone2Action tools.

Advocacy got social. Campaigns that connected people with lawmakers using Twitter and Facebook increased 213%.

Remember when the Congress' phones were overloaded? That's because phone call campaigns increased by 341%.

Campaigns targeting regulatory agencies—like the FERC or the EPA—were three times more common than in 2016.

Facilitating Grassroots Advocacy

Campaign managers asked for new tools to help them manage their campaigns. To meet their needs, we:

  • Integrated with Alexa, which allows anyone in the country to easily call their lawmaker using an Alexa-enabled device.
  • Launched SocialPulse to help advocacy organizations triangulate social media data on their advocates to drive engagement.
  • Launched an integration with Facebook Lead Ads, which makes advocate acquisition, obtaining email and mobile opt-ins, and driving actions off of Facebook more cost-effective than it has ever been before, bringing the cost from what could be as high as $9.00 per conversion to under $2.00 in some cases.
  • Held the Good Tech Summit, a gathering of individuals who believe in the power of technology for social good.

A Look Ahead to 2018

We expect next year to be no different than 2017 and predict further increases in civic engagement levels. Our product roadmap delivers capabilities our partners will need to meet and exceed their advocacy goals. To that end, we are working on:

  • New campaign templates
  • A refreshed Civic Action Center
  • Platform enhancements
  • And much more!