association government affairs

+ 3 strategies that work

Hear some of the most innovative and successful association government affairs professionals describe how they met last year’s challenges and what they expect in the year ahead.

Topics Our Panelists Will Cover

The current and future state of government affairs

Meeting the growing member demand for more policy information

Planning for hybrid virtual and in-person communication and events

Innovating with podcasts and Facebook ads to get new advocates

Keeping advocates engaged as the urgency of the pandemic fades

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Our Panelists

Association Panelist - Kristine Telford

Association Panelist - Mary Kate Cunningham

Association Panelist - Mike Whatley

"Any communication medium gets overused with time and response rates start to decline. Savvy advocacy teams need to change things up to get people’s attention, acquire new supporters, and drive them to take action."

Kristine's Solution: Use Facebook Lead Ads to drive advocacy through a podcast

"Recent research from ASAE shows that members want more information about policy than ever before. Associations need good tracking tools at the federal and state levels (even if you have state affiliates) to be able to provide this."

Mary Kate's Solution: Using tech to guide data sharing with members and staffers

"Our biggest goal is making the most out of your newly swelled database. Now that we have a larger database of people, we also have a lot more information about who interacts with what and how."

Mike's Solution: Segment your database and craft more specific messages