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State of Advocacy: Associations

Companies endured unprecedented challenges in 2020. The pandemic. The protests. The election. Government relations and public affairs pros faced consequential decisions at every turn. 2021 has posed new threats and challenges that have forced companies to take decisive action.

There was a time when companies might have sat silent. Even 10 years ago, the common wisdom dictated that vocal advocacy could be bad for business, leading many companies to steer clear of social issues. However, that’s no longer the case.

In our below report, we detail how corporations engaged stakeholders through-out 2020, and compiled vital information around what consumers expect from companies’ public affairs teams. For a snapshot of the report, feel free to take a look at our 1-page corporate executive summary. Furthermore, if you missed the entire State of Advocacy Report, feel free to access it by visiting our State of Advocacy resource page.

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