Special Olympics Influenced the White House—in Just 48 Hours

Case Study

With Phone2Action, Special Olympics' campaign generated...






phone calls

When the White House announced that it would end a decade-long precedent and cut $18 million for Special Olympics school programs nationwide, officials at the organization moved with purpose and determination.

Just hours after the U.S. Secretary of Education defended the move at a hearing before Congress, Special Olympics signed with Phone2Action. The call came in at 4 p.m. and a campaign was launched 30 minutes later that reached more than 22 million people. 

The response was immediate. Within 24 hours, the campaign generated more than 43,000 emails, 900 tweets and almost 200 phone calls to lawmakers. The average call lasted two minutes.

Phone2Action jumped at the chance to help Special Olympics create a timely advocacy campaign to activate our community of supporters. Their mobilization tools gave us a turnkey solution for our audience to encourage lawmakers to support us.

Crystal Hudson, Director of Digital Fundraising and Strategy, Special Olympics