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Navigating the Unknown: Advocacy in the Post-Election Landscape

This year’s election has been unlike any other—and it may not end when the polls close and the tally begins. As speculation swirls around delayed counts and contested returns, join us for a special post-election briefing for advocacy professionals.

Tune into this one-hour discussion that will analyze the results through an advocacy prism, with emphasis on how advocacy programs can navigate an uncertain political landscape. Topics will include:

  • Lessons from previous elections
  • What to expect in the presidential race
  • The shape of the new Congress and the implications for advocacy 
  • What top advocacy organizations are doing to adapt in a tumultuous cycle
  • What your organization can do to maintain engagement, even if the election drags on  

Digital advocacy set records in 2020 and, even if voter turnout does the same, the results may not be immediately clear. Join our post-election briefing to get the latest insights.


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Founder and CEO
Outside Voice




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Customer Success Manager

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