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Inside the 2019 Advocacy Survey: Benchmarking Your Organization

What is the biggest challenge facing advocacy professionals right now? Is it resources, such as budget and staffing, or tactical problems, such as how to acquire new advocates and move them to action? You know the answer in your organization. Now you can find out what the rest of the industry says. 

Watch the discussion on the 2019 Advocacy Survey, where advocacy professionals themselves described the barriers and opportunities they face every day in the industry. Our panel dissects survey results on issues that include:

  • Program performance
  • Audience response and engagement
  • How advocacy professionals define success
  • Advocacy in the 2020 election and the impact of a polarized climate
  • The biggest challenges to advocacy right now, and where professionals want help

Watch for the webinar and learn how to use the 2019 Advocacy Survey to benchmark your organization.

Eric Steenstra

Eric Steenstra
Vote Hemp



Karen SpanglerKaren Spangler
Director of Policy and Program Operations
Food Policy Action



Katrina YoshidaKatrina Yoshida
Policy Engagement Manager
ACE Scholarships



Singer Crawford


Singer Crawford
Digital Engagement Manager

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