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Election 2020: Corporate GOTV Roundtable

January 23

2020 Election and GOTV Strategy Online Workshop

With the 2020 Elections at our doorsteps, Get Out The Vote (GOTV) and election education initiatives may be front and center for your company. With that in mind, Phone2Action would like to invite you to one of our exclusive online collaborative workshops for our corporate clients who are thinking about taking on GOTV initiatives and aligning them with existing corporate programs. We envision an interactive roundtable discussion format with small groups where you can ask questions and share experiences with other civic engagement leaders.

Date & Time:

January 23, 2020 at 1pm EST


Aaron Rios

Aaron Rios
Director, Public Affairs Strategic Initiatives




  • How have you promoted civic engagement in the workplace?
  • How do you measure success in your GOTV efforts?
  • How do you decide on GOTV engagement – Internal, external?
  • Any questions that you’d like to ask fellow civic engagement, government relations, and public affairs professionals from other corporations…

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