3 Instruments for Success in Corporate Government Affairs

Listen to some of the most innovative and successful corporate government affairs professionals describe how they met last year’s challenges and what they expect in the year ahead.

Topics Our Panelists Will Cover

The current and future state of government affairs

Showing your executives the value of expanding lobbying work

Adapting federal and state approaches to your local policymakers

Motivating advocate participation in grassroots campaigns

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Our Panelists

Jennifer Thomas, Honda

Maura McGill, Doordash

Brian No, Spin

"Lobbying is effective, for sure, but other companies are seeing even stronger results by adding grassroots campaigns. However, many leadership teams still feel more comfortable with the quieter work of lobbying."

Jennifer's Solution: Take small steps that build on each other

"DoorDash’s delivery corp (Dashers) is deeply affected by state and local policy. However, they are busy with everything else going on in their lives and need motivation to participate in grassroots campaigns."

Maura's Solution: Form meaningful connections with Dashers

"If you’re used to running federal or state campaigns, you need to know that local GR is different. There is less information about policymakers’ backgrounds. They’re less familiar with national organizations' lobbying."

Brian's Solution: Research, Approach, Adjust