Chevron Grows Advocacy Network and Magnifies Employee Voices for Change

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With more than 44,000 employees, Chevron saw an opportunity to educate its team on the issues that impact their jobs, company, and industry and empower them to use their voices for change.

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When CAN members are comfortable speaking about industry issues with family and friends, they are also equipped to be involved in the public policy process and share their perspectives as members of the oil and natural gas industry.

Activate Chevron Advocacy Network

Since the launch of Chevron Advocacy Network (CAN), CAN has gained more than 6,000 members of employees and their friends and families seeking education.

Now Chevron has champions in CAN contributing to education initiatives in the Together We CAN program.

Provide Value to All Employees, Not Just CAN Members

Chevron continues to use its Aunt Edna newsletter, trainings, and lunch and learns to create open-door education for employees to ask about issues in the industry.

Chevron also launched a Civic Action Center and a GOTV campaign to empower and employees.

Encourage Action From Engaged & Educated Members

Engaged members are more likely to use their stories to participate in the public policy process. Plus employee voices are highly valued and trusted in the community.

Chevron uses email and text messaging to communicate with employees and encourage action on key issues.

How Phone2Action Helps Chevron

Chevron uses Phone2Action digital tools for community building, member management and communication, and member mobilization.

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While Chevron has run an advocacy program for 15 years, it is increasingly using digital tools to communicate with and activate employees and other supporters to tell the company’s story.