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Coming Soon: 2019 Advocacy Survey Results

The 2019 Advocacy Survey invited advocacy professionals to describe the experience they have moving people to action every day. We asked them about their biggest challenges and where they need the most help. We asked about the polarized climate in Washington and next year’s election. Scores of pros responded with earnest answers.

The results, which are coming in December, allow you to benchmark your organization against others. The survey covered topics such as:

  • Program performance
  • Audience response and engagement
  • How advocacy professionals define success
  • Advocacy in the 2020 election and the impact of a polarized climate
  • Which tools and tactics are most in use
  • The biggest challenges to advocacy 

To make sure you see a copy of the results, fill out this form on this page and we’ll send you the report when it is released.

To join the webinar taking place on December 11th, please click here.   

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