Get Out The Vote with a Civic Action Center

Use Phone2Action’s GOTV tools to inform and engage both current advocates and prospective supporters.

Grow your advocacy database and provide critical information during this election season.

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Voting remains the most powerful civic action a U.S. citizen can take to make their voice heard. In this critical election year, both your current advocates and potential new supporters will be looking for information about how to register to vote, when to vote, where their polling locations are, and who the candidates are. For your organization, an upcoming election provides the perfect opportunity to engage with voters and provide valuable resources so they can make informed decisions at the polls.

Phone2Action’s Civic Action Center serves as the central hub of any GOTV campaign, providing a wealth of tools to assist civically-minded citizens in exercising their right to vote. User-friendly and easy to implement, it can be customized for your brand and is fully mobile-responsive for advocates on the go. Embed a Civic Action Center within your website or launch a dedicated campaign page for it. You can even create multiple versions that are tailored for different segments of your audience. Access to all Civic Action Center usage data and advocate’s data is available for you wherever and whenever you want them.

Engage current advocates

Phone2Action’s Civic Action Center is a one-stop shop for all election details. Advocates can:

check registration

Check voter registration and register to vote

Supporters can enter a few pieces of information and determine if they are currently registered to vote. If they are not registered, they will be given the option to register online or complete a paper registration.

election dates

View polling locations and election dates

If an advocate is registered to vote, they will be presented with a map with pre-filled directions from their home address to their nearest polling location. The site will also provide upcoming election dates (primaries and general elections) in the advocate’s state.


Find out who’s running in their district

Advocates can enter a few pieces of data to find out their current elected officials as well as the candidates up for election, so they can make informed decisions. For current Phone2Action customers, this tool connects with any preexisting Lookup Your Legislator campaign that you may have.

early voting

Find absentee ballot & early voting information

For voters unable to make it to the polls on election day, they can find out all the information they need to submit an absentee ballot to vote early.

Attract new supporters

Provide a useful resource for supporters new to your organization while building brand equity and positive sentiment so you can mobilize them when the need arises. To do this, you can:

text messages

Direct users to your Civic Action Center with text keywords

Leverage easy-to-use text keywords (e.g., Text VOTENOW to 52886) in your GOTV promotions to drive traffic to your Civic Action Center.

capture data

Capture and keep data about new advocates to use in future advocacy campaigns

Integrated with the Phone2Action platform, the Civic Action Center allows organizations to pull the data from their GOTV efforts, including email and text opt-ins, into future outreach efforts.

Tap into new audiences with multi-language support

Available in both Spanish and English, the Civic Action Center enables you to reach a larger audience than you could with a monolingual tool.

Engagement Insights

Understand key metrics about people who visit your Civic Action Center, including total visits, total advocates engaged, text message opt-ins, and email opt-ins.


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