Mobilize Advocates

Empower your advocates to take action by contacting lawmakers, submitting comments to regulatory forms, signing petitions, and registering to vote.

Send Messages to Lawmakers

Phone2Action makes it easy for advocates to send emails, share tweets, or make patch-through calls to their lawmakers at the local, state, and federal levels.

Our platform also allows you to make a campaign that posts public comments on regulatory agency sites during public comments periods.

Advocates can take action directly from a campaign site, a Facebook Lead Ad, or an Advocacy Chatbot conversation.


Send a message to their inboxes

Patch-Through Calling

Call their offices with one click


Tweet lawmakers directly


Contact lawmakers without leaving Facebook

Regulatory Forms

Post comments in regulatory forms


Smart Advocacy Forms

Leverage our exclusive advocacy page templates designed to maximize conversions.

Aero is our user-experience optimized form template that’s beautiful, light, and designed to inspire advocates to take multiple actions.

Convo uses step-by-step prompts to help advocates write lawmakers personalized stories every time. Learn more about Convo.

advocacy chatbot

Advocacy Chatbot

With our AI-powered chatbot, your Facebook followers can sign up and take action on your advocacy campaigns—without leaving Facebook Messenger.

Plus, it will automatically pull the name, email, and phone number from their Facebook profile, minimizing the work required by the advocate and improving the accuracy of the data you collect.

Civic Action Center

Get Out The Vote

Host your own branded "Get Out The Vote" and Election Education resource that allows you to empower your advocates to:

  • Check Voter Registration and Register to Vote
  • View Polling Locations and Election Dates
  • Find Out Who’s Running
  • Find Absentee Ballot & Early Voting Information
  • Share on Facebook and Twitter
AHA action center

Advocacy Action Centers

Create a central, go-to hub for all your public policy campaigns with one of our Action Centers, while showcasing your commitment to advocacy.

  • Drive your advocates to one location where they can engage in multiple issues
  • Promote featured or new campaigns with special tags when you want to draw attention to them
  • Leverage a layout that’s designed with your advocates in mind
Innocence Project Petition

Sign Petitions

Gain support for your cause, while growing your grassroots network, through launching a petition or pledge.

Engage advocates with:

  • Text Messaging
  • Email Broadcasting
  • Social Sharing on Facebook and Twitter

SMS Keywords & Shortcodes

Create an opt-in keyword that advocates can text to a number we provide, and they’ll automatically get a link to your campaign on their smartphone.

Live Events

Mobilize event attendees to be your next advocates with our suite of tools made for events and conferences.

Learn more about our Reporting capabilities and our Integration Partners.

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