Acquire New Advocates

Meet your supporters where they are using social media, text messaging, petitions, and smart advocacy campaign sites that maximize the accuracy of the information you collect.

Convert Facebook Visitors into Advocates

Supporters often get lost in multiple clicks and lose interest in your advocacy campaign if they don't have a way to take action without leaving Facebook. Our Advocacy Chatbot and Facebook Lead Ad integration both fill that gap by bringing your advocacy campaign to Facebook.

Advocacy Chatbot

With our AI-powered chatbot, your Facebook followers can sign up and take action on your advocacy campaigns—without leaving Facebook Messenger.

Plus, it will automatically pull the name, email, and phone number from their Facebook profile, minimizing the work required by the advocate and improving the accuracy of the data you collect.

Facebook Lead Ads

Bring your Phone2Action advocacy campaign into a Facebook ad and leverage Facebook’s rich audience data targeting options for advocate acquisition.

When a Facebook user sees your ad and clicks on it, a form pops up with their information already pre-populated, just one click away from being sent to your advocate database.

Find Supporters On The Go

Capture supporters while they’re on the go with an SMS keyword and shortcode. Whether on a Metro ad or on screen at a live event, anyone with a smartphone just needs to send a text to get a link to your campaign page.

SMS Keywords & Shortcodes

Create an opt-in keyword that advocates can text to a number we provide, and they’ll automatically get a link to your campaign on their smartphone.

Drive traffic to your campaign page through print ads, during events, and any time when people are away from their computer but have their phone.

Test it out: Text "ADVOCACY" to 52886

Live Events

Mobilize event attendees to be your next advocates with our suite of tools made for events and conferences

  • Send audience members to your advocacy campaign in the middle of your keynote with a text keyword
  • Display a real-time advocate counter and map with pins that drop when each advocate takes action
  • Hold a raffle with our randomizer that spins through the names of every advocate that has taken action

Maximize Sign-ups and Conversions with Smart Advocacy Sites

Getting a supporter to land on your campaign page is only half the battle. Your advocacy campaign site needs to be visually appealing and easy to use—people will give up on forms too easily.


Beautiful and light, this advocacy site template is designed to inspire advocates to complete forms with features like address auto-complete, instant form validation, and faster page loading on mobile—even with degraded network connections.


This advocacy site template uses madlibs-like prompts to take advocates through the form-fill one step at a time, like in an online chat.


Action Centers

Create a single destination for all your advocacy activities with a Phone2Action Action Center. Educate your supporters about all your public policy campaigns. 

Learn more about our Reporting capabilities and our Integration Partners.