Grassroots Advocacy & Public Affairs Products

Whether you are a cause-based organization or a corporation getting involved in stakeholder engagement to influence public policy, grassroots advocacy can be a powerful weapon in the fight to achieve your goals.

Phone2Action provides a full suite of tools to facilitate your grassroots advocacy efforts, making it easy for you to acquire, engage, and mobilize your advocates.


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Connect your supporters with their elected officials at the federal, state and local levels through Phone2Action’s innovative, effective and easy-to-use grassroots advocacy platform. We create mobile-responsive campaign pages where your advocates can find and contact elected officials.

In less than five minutes, your advocates can:

  • Email messages to legislators’ inboxes
  • Tweet legislators directly
  • Call legislators’ offices with a single click


Create a central, go-to hub for all your public policy campaigns while showcasing your commitment to advocacy.

  • Drive your advocates to one location where they can engage in multiple issues
  • Promote featured or new campaigns with special tags when you want to draw attention to them
  • Leverage a layout that’s designed with your advocates in mind

Action Centers can be set up within seconds after building your first campaign.


Harness the energy of grassroots advocacy at your events and conferences with a live call-to-action that moves your audience to action. Advocates can:

  • Text a keyword and take action on an advocacy campaign right from their smartphones
  • Watch a new advocate counter that updates in real time
  • Watch pins drop on a live map representing where advocates’ actions are taken


Phone2Action’s comprehensive reporting dashboard lets you track campaign performance and advocate engagement in real time. Stay on top of your campaigns in one central location.

  • Track aggregate metrics across all campaigns
  • See legislative connections
  • Watch growth in activity and number of advocates over time
  • Stay informed about how your keywords perform over time
  • Find out who your Top Advocates are based on activity

Our reporting dashboard lets you stay apprised of how your campaigns are performing— so your grassroots strategy is informed by data-driven decisions.


Your digital advocacy platform is only one part of your overall tech stack. As a best-in-class modular platform, we integrate with your email client, CRM or AMS.

  • Integrate Phone2Action with your CRM or AMS to get a comprehensive picture of each advocate’s relationship with your organization— including their level of participation in fundraising, calls-to-action and live events.
  • Leverage mailers like MailChimp and ConstantContact to easily communicate with advocates in the Phone2Action platform and mobilize them to take action when it matters most.


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