Phone2Action and Blackbaud: Powerful Grassroots Advocacy

Leaders in digital advocacy and social good join together to provide organizations with new ways to engage stakeholders

Phone2Action Teamed Up with Blackbaud to Offer Best-of-Breed Advocacy Solutions on the Blackbaud Partner Network

The new partnership between Blackbaud and Phone2Action enables customers to use the Phone2Action platform with their trusted Blackbaud solution - Luminate Online™, to engage in high-impact advocacy.

Blackbaud Luminate Online is a comprehensive cloud solution for engaging constituents, and this new integration with Phone2Action extends its core advocacy functionality.


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Blackbaud customers who want to drive change in Washington, state capitals and elsewhere can now use Phone2Action, combining the best marketing and fundraising solution with comprehensive, modern advocacy capabilities to form a powerful solution to advance your mission.

With Phone2Action, you can:

Rapidly build eye-catching campaigns that motivate your supporters to take action

Acquire new advocates and generate communications to legislators via Facebook

Meet your audience where they are, via email, Twitter, text or phone calls

Design action centers to showcase your advocacy initiatives

Build a list of supporters you can reach via text message broadcasting

Uncover relationships between your supporters and key stakeholders

Create branded text message keywords that can drive immediate action and capture energy at events

Acquire new constituents via Phone2Action advocacy campaigns and capture new email opt-ins