Integration Partners

Build a best-in-class advocacy technology stack to power your advocacy strategy. Leverage the most innovative tools to maximize your organization’s impact on driving public policy change.

Phone2Action is committed to being the best digital advocacy platform for you and your advocates.

We let your other platforms do their jobs, so we can focus on doing ours. Here are the benefits of Phone2Action’s technology integrations:

  • CRM and AMS Integration

    Integrate Phone2Action with your CRM or AMS to get a comprehensive picture of each advocate’s relationship with your organization, including their level of participation in fundraising, calls-to-action and live events.

  • Use Popular Mailers

    Leverage mailers like MailChimp and ConstantContact to easily communicate with advocates in the Phone2Action platform and mobilize them to take action when it matters most.



Out of the box, Phone2Action syncs to the native Contact, Campaign, and Campaign Member Record objects. It also syncs to two custom objects: Phone2Action Legislators and Phone2Action Legislator Connections. The objects and fields that the data from Phone2Action syncs to in Salesforce are completely customizable.



We map your Phone2Action Advocates to People in NationBuilder, including all their contact info. Updates to your advocate list—whether initiated in Phone2Action or NationBuilder, are reflected in both systems. We also add all legislators contacted during your Phone2Action campaigns to NationBuilder as People, and then log each connection between the two as a contact in the system. Campaigns and legislative actions are easy to track as well. Phone2Action Campaigns map to NationBuilder in two ways—Lists and Tags.



When an advocate takes action on a Phone2Action campaign, their contact info is automatically sent to MailChimp and included in the database in real time. You can also create new Lists or Groups in MailChimp for each campaign that automatically sync.



Phone2Action’s integration with YourMembership syncs advocate data with people data so you can easily categorize and send communications to your members. Phone2Action data pushes to YourMembership in real time. When advocates take action on a Phone2Action campaign, they sync with YourMembership as People, and your campaigns sync to YourMembership as Groups.



Phone2Action’s integration with ConstantContact syncs people/advocate data to the mailer, including full name, email address, phone number, home address/city/state/ZIP code, and custom field answers. Lists are also created in ConstantContact mirroring the “Joined” or “Took Action” lists in Phone2Action, allowing you to categorize and send communications to your members based on their activities.

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