Advocacy Solutions for Agencies

For your civically-minded clients, Phone2Action gives your agency an advocacy platform to engage them in campaigns to influence public policy.

For your civically-minded clients, Phone2Action gives your agency an advocacy platform to engage them in campaigns to influence public policy.


digital advocacy campaigns to help your clients win on their public policy issues


rigorous reporting metrics for your entire suite and by specific campaigns, campaign groups, and action centers


campaigns and action centers by leveraging images, videos and custom design to fit with each client's brand and visual identity


a campaign within 30 minutes

Start Quickly, Use Easily

Contact us today, and we can set up your first campaign in 30 minutes or less. After that you have unlimited campaigns and Action Centers that can be set up within minutes—so you can provide Phone2Action’s full functionality to any and all of your clients.

And as you go along, we’re here to help, so reach out to our customer success team anytime.

Win on Policy Issues with Unlimited Campaigns and Action Centers

You manage a full portfolio of clients, and our tool is perfect for organizing campaigns around your various clients. No matter how many clients you have, you can engage any and all of them in advocacy campaigns.

Because our campaigns feature multiple engagement options—email, Facebook, Twitter, and phone—our campaigns are more effective at engaging larger numbers of people and increasing conversion rates. In fact, 70 percent of our partners who use the full range of tools win on their respective policy issues.


Stay Ahead of Your Competitors by Leveraging Social Media Advocacy

Social media is the future of advocacy. Not only is 100% of Congress on social media, but over half directly check their accounts themselves. And social media is a public forum that puts constituents on equal—if not greater—footing than their lawmaker when they send them messages.

You have the opportunity to leverage this changing environment—and draw clients to you who want to stay ahead of their competitors. See how our social media engagement tool, SocialPulse, is a win-win for you and your clients.

Report Campaign Success with Rigorous Metrics

When you need to report your ROI, whether on the aggregate or for each individual client’s campaigns, Phone2Action can help. Track how many advocates each client engages, how many messages are sent to lawmakers, and even see your conversion funnel in one location.

Tailor Each Campaign to the Client

Each client has different needs, requirements, and branding. To that end, our campaigns and Action Centers are fully customizable so you can tailor it to each client’s needs. You can also create APIs and widgets that you can integrate into clients’ websites.

We have partners who’ve pushed the boundaries as far as customizability, so let our team know your specific needs and we’ll do what we can to help.

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