Phone2Action Donor Intelligence Report

Intelligence with an Impact

Moneyball, our new GovPredict intelligence tool, can help you maximize fundraising and public support with deep insights from your eligible class and take your strategy to the next level with crucial PAC data.
For the month of December, request your complimentary Intelligence Report.

Your complimentary report will include actionable insights on your top advocates and competitors.

Donor Insights:

See a list of your top advocates by total political contributions over the past two cycles.

Advocate Insights:

Discover the top elected officials to whom your advocates have donated, empowering your grassroots efforts.

Competitive Insights:

Understand how your PAC stacks up to comparable PACs or use PAC data to identify organizations who have similar missions or goals.
Raise more money by understanding your donors' giving capacity.

Moneyball has the intelligence to take your fundraising to the next level.

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Federal, state, and local contributions.

Want to find someone who gave to the state party, but not to your national campaign? How about people who’ve contributed to federal races, but have never given to the state?

Find each donor’s true giving capacity.

Find everyone who’s given you $500, but contributed thousands elsewhere. Use this to create highly personalized asks for each donor.


Analyze receipts and disbursements to political action committees to find out if you may share similar goals and missions with organizations with whom you should engage.