Send more personalized messages to lawmakers for a bigger impact with Convo

Hill staffers and elected officials say that unique, personal letters from constituents carry more weight than generic messages. Convo is an interactive, customizable advocacy campaign template that allows you to guide your supporters through the process of writing letters with their personal stories to lawmakers and other decision-makers.

By providing a step-by-step, guided writing flow, Convo takes the work out of composing a customized message and increases the quantity of advocates who send their personal stories.


Take Your Advocacy Campaigns to the Next Level

Help your advocates compose personalized messages to lawmakers using fill-in-the-blank sentences and pick-your-favorite-phrase writing tips

Increase quantity and quality of unique messages sent to lawmakers, which are proven more effective

Collect more personalized stories from advocates that can be tagged for future use, like a fly-in or town hall

Engage your advocates in a conversation and educate them on your issues in a more personal way, making them more likely to become repeat advocates on future campaigns

Generate more personalized letters from your advocates and make a bigger impact.

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