Infographic: Are Your State Elected Officials on Social Media?

Have you been working to pass legislation at the state level, but haven’t achieved results? Are you struggling to engage your advocates? Does your advocacy strategy need an overhaul?

If so, try using social media. Here are some of the advantages you get:

  • Reach more advocates and engage them to take action
  • Foster more direct connections between legislators and constituents
  • Organize large numbers of advocates to publicly flood legislators’ newsfeeds with comments
  • Update advocates in real time to developments on the ground
  • Engage advocates year-round, not just when there’s a major bill or when the legislature’s in session

When organizations use social media effectively, they’ve been able to pressure hard-to-reach legislators, build new communities of advocates and, ultimately, win on their policy issues.

Basically, you can’t go wrong using social media in your campaigns to state elected officials.

Of course, it only works if they’re active on the major sites like Facebook and Twitter. So here’s an infographic to show you how active state elected officials are on social media.

Take a look, and see if your state ranks at the top.




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