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P2A_Blog_PoliticsisLocal_Feat Img

If ‘Politics is Local,’ Government Affairs Should Be Too

P2A_Blog_Drive More Effective State Advocacy_Feat Img

How to Drive More Effective State Advocacy

P2A_Blog_HowtoBoostYourConversionRate_Feat Img

How to Boost Your Conversion Rate Right Now 

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Strong Advocacy Starts With ‘Situational Awareness’

P2A_Blog_Komen-Fly-in Feat Img

7 Crucial Elements for a Successful Virtual Fly-in

Feat Img_A Tech Edge

A Technology Edge in Government Relations

P2A_Blog_Womens_CongressFeat Img

Women in Congress: More Representation Than Ever Before

P2A_Blog_DiversifyPACContributions_Feat Img

How to Diversify Your PAC Contributions

PAC_Feat Img

Some PACs Truly Diversify Their Contributions. Is Yours on the List?

Corp Activism Feat Img

Why Corporate Advocacy is Going Mainstream

P2A_Blog_BMH_Do Political Donations Have a Racial Bias_Feat Img

Do Political Donations Have a Racial Bias?

P2A_Blog_BMH_Feat Img

Black History Month: Celebrating Black Representation in Congress

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