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Phone2Action Welcomes New CEO

Phone2Action Welcomes New CEO

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Advocacy Numbers Explode in Biden’s First 100 Days. How You Can Take Advantage

P2A_Blog_Asia Pacific American Heritage Month_Feat Img

Why Your Organization Should Honor Asia Pacific American Heritage Month

P2A_Blog_Shared Hope Virtual Fly In_Feat Img

How Shared Hope Launched Their First Virtual Fly-in

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Georgia: More Evidence That Companies Won’t Stay Quiet on Social Issues

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If ‘Politics is Local,’ Government Affairs Should Be Too

P2A_Blog_Drive More Effective State Advocacy_Feat Img

How to Drive More Effective State Advocacy

P2A_Blog_HowtoBoostYourConversionRate_Feat Img

How to Boost Your Conversion Rate Right Now 

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Strong Advocacy Starts With ‘Situational Awareness’

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7 Crucial Elements for a Successful Virtual Fly-in

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A Technology Edge in Government Relations

P2A_Blog_Womens_CongressFeat Img

Women in Congress: More Representation Than Ever Before

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