How to Post Winning Numbers on Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is coming. How is your organization preparing?

The one-day event that follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday kicks off the holiday giving season and generates massive one-day donations for many nonprofits. Last year, organizations raised almost $2 billion globally, including more than $500 million brought in online, according to Philanthropy News Digest.

“Giving Tuesday is one of the biggest fundraising days of the year,” said Stephanie Baum, Director of Customer Success at Phone2Action. “The problem is that it is a big day for all nonprofits, and you’ll be competing with other organizations for donations. Your campaign needs to stand out and motivate supporters.”

Giving Tuesday is Dec. 1 and it is a chance for organizations that saw fundraising fall off during the pandemic to close out the year in a better position. Here are some ideas for campaign messaging and distribution that will maximize your donations and help your organization get back on track

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Use Text Messaging for Your Campaign 

While open rates for fundraising email is about 17 percent, according to the M+R 2020 Benchmarking report, almost all text messages are opened and read minutes after they are received. If you have a list of supporters who have opted-in to receive text messages from your organization, use that in your Giving Tuesday campaign by texting them a link to your domination page. 

Remind people why they value your organization

Keep this concise but sincere. Which elements of your organization resonate most with your supporters? Remind them why they subscribe to your list in the first place. Short testimonials from other supporters can also do the trick.

Highlight your success last year and how the money made an impact

People want to know that they are making a difference. Hearing a success story made possible by last year’s donations makes it easy to envision that their money is being put to good use. This is another case where personal stories can resonate. 

Give specific examples of how their money will be used

Try suggesting different amounts to donate (e.g. $10, $25, $50 or $100) and give estimates of what real-world goods or services those amounts of money will support. Again, people want to know that they are making change. Show them how they are contributing to your mission. 

Segment your list and tailor your messaging 

If your lists are large enough, consider segmenting and creating several different messages for each of your donor personas. If you think people in a certain demographic, economic strata or geographic location are more apt to become supporters, create a message just for them. Targeted messaging often yields better conversion rates.

Using tools like GovPredict, which was recently acquired by Phone2Action, you can take this approach to the next level with new insight into how your supporters contribute, who they support and how that history can benefit your organization.

Create a social media campaign that engages influencers and supporters

Encourage your supporters and influencers on social media to spread the word about your Giving Tuesday campaign. Include Facebook and Twitter buttons on your campaign page that make it easy for donors to share when they donate to your campaign on their personal social media accounts.

Make sure your donations page is mobile-friendly

A great deal of Giving Tuesday donations are made from a mobile device. Make sure that your pages are responsive. Test them in advance on multiple devices. Don’t lose out on donations because your donation page is hard to use on a phone. 

Display a fundraising thermometer on your donation page

Your supporters are bought into your mission and they want to see you succeed. Showing that you are close to a goal will motivate others to donate. Just make sure your goal is realistic. You want to be able to report success.

Be sure to thank those who contribute and ask them to spread the word about your campaign. Remember too that, while Giving Tuesday is a single day, holiday giving is a season. You can and should follow up. 

Want help setting up your #GivingTuesday plan? Contact a Phone2Action campaign expert


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