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Jeb Ory


100 Days of Digital Advocacy

By Jeb Ory | April 25, 2017

The president’s 100th day in office is fast approaching. Aside from executive orders, bills passed, and nominations confirmed, the president has stimulated a massive increase in grassroots advocacy since his election. Large crowds visited D.C. on the weekend of the inauguration, both to support and oppose the president. Town halls have been flooded with constituents…

Challenging the conventional ladder of advocate engagement

By Jeb Ory | March 15, 2017

The rules for engaging advocates and key stakeholders of organizations are rapidly changing. In my article for Campaigns and Elections, I explain why the old ways of outreach no longer work and how the influx of technology and social media is currently challenging the conventional ladder of advocate engagement. Using Facebook Ads to Increase Advocate…

The Election is Over. Now What?

By Jeb Ory | November 18, 2016

Three essential steps to winning advocacy campaigns By Jeb Ory, Phone2Action Co-founder This week, the Phone2Action team assembled an all-star panel for a dynamic post-election discussion at the National Press Club. Joined by friends, clients and supporters in the Washington, D.C. Metro area, we all eagerly came together to probe how the new political landscape…

Socially Conscious Companies and Organizations Are Pretty Great.

By Jeb Ory | October 26, 2016

Just Ask Consumers and Employees They Serve By: Jeb Ory & Sima Biondi, Phone2Action Today, people have access to more news and information than ever before. This means people have more insight about what their employer and their favorite companies stand for, as well. And people are increasingly expecting companies to give back to their…

New Office, Amazing Staff & VC Funding

By Jeb Ory | August 18, 2016

Phone2Action is Poised to Take Digital Advocacy to the Next Level By Phone2Action Co-Founder and CEO Jeb Ory When we started, digital advocacy was in its infancy. Smartphones were still considered new, and advocacy platforms weren’t designed to work on mobile. Elected officials were still figuring out Twitter. In this climate, we created Phone2Action, the first…

Phone2Action + NationBuilder = Game Changing Digital Advocacy

By Jeb Ory | March 10, 2016

By Jeb Ory, Phone2Action Co-founder Two years ago, Eme Crawford, director of advocacy for Tell Them, a leading women’s health advocacy organization in South Carolina, would be experiencing sleepless nights leading up to the group’s annual lobby day. Her anxiety would have stemmed from the pressure of corralling hundreds of out-of-town supporters to the State…

Sen. Booker is the “Lebron James” of Our Social Platform Responsiveness Index

By Jeb Ory | September 28, 2015

Senators Cory Booker and Tim Scott are the most responsive US Senators on Facebook and Twitter, according to a report that the Organizing Center released last week. The report features a detailed look at how elected officials are using social media channels, and was underwritten by the Phone2Action Civic Technology Fund, which creates a pipeline…