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Helena Pierides


The Importance of Integration

By Helena Pierides | February 7, 2020

When organizations go looking for new advocacy tools, the emphasis is almost always on features. Does it do patch-through calling? How’s the text function? What kind of conversion rates are people seeing? Less interesting—but arguably more important—is how your new tools will integrate with your existing technology stack.  The flow of data between your CRM…

Industry Intersection: Lessons on Winning Advocacy Campaigns

By Helena Pierides | February 5, 2020

One common problem in advocacy is that professionals cannot see what’s going on outside their field. How does someone in healthcare learn from a colleague in energy? How does a person working at a nonprofit take inspiration from a corporate advocacy strategy? To address that problem, Phone2Action convened experts from the corporate, trade association and…

How Companies Can Play In This Year's Election

How Companies Can Play in This Year’s Election

By Helena Pierides | January 22, 2020

Thousands of nonprofits and trade associations will be active in this year’s election, speaking out on issues that are important to their members and supporting or opposing candidates. But what about companies? Traditionally, many companies shy away from election-year activity for fear of being drawn into controversy or alienating customers, employees, investors and others who…

Communicating the Value of Your Program

Communicating the Value of Your Program

By Helena Pierides | January 15, 2020

How valuable is your advocacy program? More importantly, do you know how to effectively communicate that value? Whether communicating value to advocates on your list or the executives in your C-suite, statistics show it’s an area where many organizations can use help. According to the 2019 Advocacy Survey, which asked advocacy professionals about their work,…

The Struggle for Recruiting and Engagement

The Struggle for Recruiting & Engagement

By Helena Pierides | January 8, 2020

Here’s a statistic that should give us all pause: roughly 30 million connections between advocates and public officials took place on the Phone2Action platform this year. Clearly, advocacy organizations send an impressive number of communiques to generate that type of engagement. In the 2019 Advocacy Survey, 46 percent said that their organization communicates with advocates…

The Biggest Challenges to Advocacy

The Biggest Challenges to Advocacy

By Helena Pierides | December 16, 2019

What are the biggest challenges facing advocacy programs today? If you guessed staffing and budget, you would be only half right.  We asked advocacy professionals that very question as part of the 2019 Advocacy Survey, which allowed advocacy professionals to weigh in on the factors that impact their work. The idea was to create data…

Inside the 2019 Advocacy Survey

By Helena Pierides | December 13, 2019

When regulators moved to reduce the federal food stamp program three separate times this year, Food Policy Action mobilized to oppose each effort. The work had an impact—both on the government and on advocates who stepped up.  “It can be very hard to move people to action,” said Karen Spangler, director of policy and program…

Is Email A Tired Tool For Advocacy?

Is Email A Tired Tool For Advocacy?

By Helena Pierides | December 4, 2019

Here’s a statistic that should give you pause: 95 percent of advocacy professionals name email as a tool they rely upon to run their program. That’s more than organic social media (66 percent), professional advocacy software (60 percent), legislative tracking systems (33 percent) and video (33 percent), according to the Phone2Action 2019 Advocacy Survey, which…

Want More Impact? Try Personalization.

Want More Impact? Try Personalization.

By Helena Pierides | November 25, 2019

For many years, digital grassroots advocacy was heavy on form letters. Flooding congressional offices or regulatory agencies with cookie-cutter communiques was how business got done. And it worked. For a while.  Today, as advocacy professionals know, performance is hard won. The landscape is noisy. People are busy. Email is tired. In that environment, large numbers…

Creating High-Impact Advocacy With Blackbaud and Phone2Action

Creating High-Impact Advocacy With Blackbaud and Phone2Action

By Helena Pierides | November 15, 2019

It wasn’t long ago that Blackbaud and Phone2Action announced its new partnership.  Blackbaud’s cloud-based solutions for fundraising, relationship management, marketing, engagement and other vital needs would couple with Phone2Action’s comprehensive public affairs and advocacy platform to allow nonprofits to practice powerful grassroots advocacy.  But what does that really mean? What does high-impact advocacy look like?…