Angela Goldman


Building Sustainable Movements

By Angela Goldman | February 27, 2017

Phone2Action Co-Founder and CEO Jeb Ory recently appeared on Digital Politics with Karen Jagoda to talk about how to measure success in grassroots advocacy. Read below for some key takeaways from his words on building sustainable movements. Grassroots advocacy works. In the last several years, we’ve seen both the temporary and long-term successes of bottoms-up movements…

2017 is the year of civic engagement – prepare new advocates to take action!

By Angela Goldman | February 23, 2017

A new Administration and Congress with new priorities and goals has many people wanting to take action on policy issues for the first time. People who have never before called a Senator or written to a member of Congress are now speaking up to make their voices heard. The level of civic discourse is a…

Connect directly to legislators on the issues that matter to you

By Angela Goldman | February 19, 2017

Every day, there is a critical need for legislators to hear from the people most impacted by their decisions. With the rise in the number of Americans wanting to take action, elected officials’ phone lines are swamped. Matt House, a spokesman for Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer of New York, recently said calls to senators…

What Are You Waiting For?

By Angela Goldman | October 13, 2016

Create Something . . . By Phone2Action VP of Engineering Chris Monnat Seriously. Put down your device, close the online magazine and pick up a book. Pause that episode of Stranger Things and boot up the computer. Don’t hit the snooze button, get up and build something! I apologize if I’m too blunt, but there is a not-so-silent-war…

Do What You LOVE

By Angela Goldman | September 8, 2016

Marketing + Black Hawk Helicopters By Greg Acs, Phone2Action Marketing Coordinator It’s 6:30pm on a weekday and while DC traffic is in full-force, my alarm rings, displaying “1830 Night Vision Goggle Flight with CW2 Thomas” on the screen. And so it begins, the second half of my day . . . I grab my flight suit from my…