Better Outcomes for Nonprofit Advocacy

Elevate your issues by using advocacy and intelligence to dramatically increase engagement metrics, fundraising efforts, and the ability to report tangible progress toward your mission.

Legislative Tracking:

Know—and report—when legislation and regulation is moving at any level of government, including federal, state and local.

Digital Advocacy:

Engage grassroots supporters using text messaging, email or social media and mobilize these supporters to connect directly with legislators at all levels of government. 

Donor Insights:

Identify which advocates and stakeholders are most likely to engage on an issue or increase donation based on their actions or campaign donation history.

Stakeholder Management:

Record, map, and track every meeting, relationship and touchpoint, and connect with the key stakeholders on any issue.

From January to June of 2020, Nonprofits mobilized 2.8 million people -- more people than associations and companies combined.

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Richer data. Deeper Insights. Better Outcomes 

You now have the power to raise more funds, acquire new advocates, and drive policy wins.

Phone2Action's new category-defining solution helps nonprofits track legislative and regulatory developments at all levels of government and mobilize supporters to drive policy outcomes. We provide the backbone of our clients' advocacy operations and we are their biggest champion.


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