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A Platform for Change

leading civic engagement forward

In the United States, everyone’s voice counts. The opportunity for civil discourse is what makes our country a model for democracies everywhere. When we have problems, we don’t look the other way—we try to solve them. We built Phone2Action to empower the problem-solver and advocate that lives in everyone. Our tools amplify the voices of movements through technology in order to effect change.


We empower organizations and individuals through the most effective tools to reach and engage supporters, enabling them to take action on issues important to them.

We do this by:

  1. Building cutting-edge technology applications
  2. Staying abreast of the trends in technology, human behavior, change, and social advocacy
  3. Providing excellent customer support to customers' needs


We power the movements that change the world.


We’re highly customer-focused.

We understand that our customers are the reason we exist, so we take great pains to understand them and learn about their needs. We proactively work to provide value to our clients every day so they can run successful grassroots campaigns which not only meet, but exceed, their public policy goals.

customer focused

We’re committed to innovation and excellence.

We don’t settle for the status quo. Our team is constantly exploring how to do things better, faster and of more value to our customers. We like challenges and are dedicated to always being at the forefront of advocacy technology by offering products that are truly remarkable.


We value hard work and integrity.

Working hard doesn’t mean working 24/7. It means working smart, and with the utmost regard for what’s right and what’s honest. We feel a big sense of responsibility to be direct and fair in our business practices and have high standards for our employees and our partners.

We strive for personal mastery and leadership.

Continuous learning is a large part of our culture at Phone2Action. We aren’t afraid to take educated risks, as long as we are learning and becoming better for it. We also strive to lead by example at all times.


We take care of each other.

Respect for each others’ differences is the bedrock of our organization. We believe that diversity of thought, background, and experience leads to a better and more innovative company culture. We nurture this environment by supporting one another both personally and professionally, and create time to celebrate our successes.


It started as a quest to solve a problem. In 2012, Ximena Hartsock, a non-profit Advocacy Director, was traveling across the country engaging people in advocacy campaigns. Everyone she met with wanted to connect with officials to express their opinions, but didn't know who their lawmakers were or how to contact them. Having previously been a government official, she knew first-hand the importance of constituent engagement. This unique perspective of someone with experience on both sides of the advocacy spectrum drove the desire to build Phone2Action. Ximena teamed up with serial entrepreneur Jeb Ory, who saw how he could apply technology to solve her problem, and ultimately equip organizations with the tools to scale their impact.

Phone2Action was the first all-in-one software platform designed to amplify organizations’ advocacy by combining a communications hub, acquisition hub, and activation hub. The tools themselves were designed for the advocate to use when they were on the move, so our advocate experiences are always mobile responsive and intuitive. As the pioneer in advocacy technology, we continue to set the bar for digital engagement technology, as evidenced by the introduction of SocialPulse, the first social media advocacy management tool.

However, being first is not enough. We remain committed to innovation and retaining our spot as the best platform for digital stakeholder engagement.

values wall


  • Founded in late 2012


  • Product launch 2013
  • Won Best New Tech at SXSW 2013
  • Raised $600K in seed funding August 2013



  • New office June 2016
  • $4.6M Series A Fundraise June 2016
  • Hosted Summer Civic Tech Fellows


  • Hosted 1st Annual Good Tech Summit
  • Launched SocialPulse, our social media advocacy management feature
  • Hosted Summer Civic Tech Fellows


Advocacy Areas



  • Expect More Arizona
  • Ed Allies
  • National Humanities Alliance
  • Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina


  • League of Conservation Voters
  • The Alliance for Solar Choice
  • Alaska Wild
  • Plastic Pollution Coalition

Human Rights

  • Doctors Without Borders


  • Consumer Technology Association (CTA)
  • AT&T


  • American Nurses Association
  • American Heart Association
  • Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation

Civil Rights

  • Women’s March on Washington