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Phone2Action’s software is the edge behind successful government affairs teams. We are a transformative force in the way public policy is shaped, bringing intelligence and advocacy together in new and powerful ways.

We started in 2012 as the first tool to mobilize advocates using the phones that were already in everyone’s pockets. Since then, we’ve revolutionized digital advocacy, giving organizations powerful tools to meet people where they are and engage them in the civic process. Now, we’ve brought the same relentless approach to the rest of government affairs, helping teams find the right intelligence and contact the right policymakers at the right time.


As a leader in the digital advocacy industry, Phone2Action is regularly featured in national news sources and blogs. Check out our company press releases as well as all articles and interviews in which we’ve been featured.


Working at Phone2Action means you’ll be surrounded by colleagues who are driven, passionate about civic engagement, respectful of diverse opinions and backgrounds, and believe in the power of technology to build community and drive positive change.

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