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Alicia Maule, Digital Engagement Director at the Innocence Project, using our product to mobilize advocates.

State of Advocacy 2020

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This year’s State of Advocacy Report is thought-provoking, to say the least. It documents a massive growth in digital advocacy brought by the pandemic, the protests, the election and all of the other events that made 2020 a tumultuous time in America.

Using data from hundreds of nonprofit organizations, associations, and companies that use Phone2Action, we identified unique insights about what works in digital grassroots advocacy based on how real campaigns performed in 2019 and 2020.

Our Clients

Phone2Action partners with clients ranging from the largest associations and non-profits to corporations in the Fortune 500.

Why We’re the Most Trusted Partner in Digital Advocacy

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campaigns created with the Phone2Action platform

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National Restaurant Association

Mobilized almost 200,000 people to take action, delivering more than 500,000 messages to Congress.

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Innocence Project

The Innocence Project mobilized 40,000+ Texans to generate almost 8,000 phone calls and emails to Governor Greg Abbott and the state’s Board of Pardons and Paroles, asking them to spare Rodney Reed’s life.

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Lime built a list of 5,000+ advocates and launched six campaigns over more than a year, resulting in almost 7,000 connections with public officials. 

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American Heart Association

The American Heart Association used Phone2Action to make it easy for advocates to take action resulting in passing a landmark health education bill in New York.

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Expedia Group

Anyone looking for inspiration to improve email advocacy would be well-served to focus on Expedia Group. Expedia’s email open rate is a whopping 52 percent— and its click rate is more than twice the average rate at 6.3 percent.

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Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry’s uses Phone2Action’s technology to encourage customers and ice cream lovers everywhere to weigh in on the Voting Rights Act.

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Key Benefits

Create & Activate

Launch campaigns in 30 minutes or less to connect your supporters with lawmakers via e-mail, webform, social media, and phone. Advocates can also post comments on all regulatory forms.

Broadcast, Mobilize & Engage

Access a variety of broadcasting channels including SMS, MMS, links, web code, or API access to mobilize your supporters and foster continued engagement through one-to-one communications.

Track & Report

Get real-time, up-to-the minute reporting on your campaigns – including who your top advocates are, what they’re saying to lawmakers on social media, and conversions from your text keywords.


Building an Employee Grassroots Program

Our newest white-paper provides important insights on how leading companies are supercharging their employee grassroots programs, even if they are starting from scratch.

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