Phone2Action vs. Crowdskout

Looking for a comprehensive advocacy solution that takes your campaign strategy beyond email while while ensuring your messages are actually sent to lawmakers?


Email Legislators

Contact Legislators via Twitter

Call Legislators via Patch-Through Calls

Text Message Shortcodes

Text Message Broadcasting

Email Broadcasting

Social Broadcasting

Facebook Messenger Bot

Facebook Lead Ads Integration

Live Event Tools

In-depth Reporting

Get-Out-The-Vote Tools

Regulatory Targeting

Customizable "Action Center" Websites

Multiple Campaign Page Templates

Embeddable Action Widgets

Donation Platform



"We needed a system that was going to make it easy as possible for citizens to engage."

— Shannon Hartley, Chief Marketing Officer, Shatterproof

Phone2Action’s comprehensive suite of digital advocacy tools, relentless customer service, and dedication to innovation, are just a few of the reasons why organizations switch from Crowdskout to Phone2Action.

Our differentiators:

  • We provide your supporters with the digital tools to email, call, and tweet their elected officials—all from one integrated and customizable action page or embeddable widget.
  • Our customer success team works around the clock and is relentlessly dedicated to making sure your campaigns are successful and exceed your goals.
  • Phone2Action’s tools provide you with new and innovative ways to reach your supporters and grow your database by leveraging Facebook Lead Ads, Facebook Messenger, SMS, and more.  
  • High-level and detailed reporting is available to help show the value of digital advocacy and demonstrate your impact to your stakeholders.