Phone2Action vs. Blue State Digital

Looking for an advocacy solution that takes your campaign strategy beyond email while ensuring your messages are actually sent to lawmakers?


Email Legislators

Contact Legislators via Twitter

Call Legislators via Patch-Through Calls

Text Message Shortcodes

Text Message Broadcasting

Email Broadcasting

Social Broadcasting

Facebook Messenger Bot

Facebook Lead Ads Integration

Live Event Tools

In-depth Reporting

Get-Out-The-Vote Tools

Regulatory Targeting

Customizable "Action Center" Websites

Multiple Campaign Page Templates

Embeddable Action Widgets

Donation Platform



"We needed a system that was going to make it easy as possible for citizens to engage."

— Shannon Hartley, Chief Marketing Officer, Shatterproof

All of Congress is on social media—but Blue State Digital doesn’t have social media lead gen integration or the ability to tweet your legislator. Phone2Action can do both. Phone2Action’s comprehensive suite of digital advocacy tools, relentless customer service, and dedication to innovation are just a few of the reasons why organizations switch from Blue State Digital to Phone2Action.

Our differentiators:

  • We provide your supporters with the digital tools to email, call, and tweet their elected officials—all from one integrated and customizable action page or embeddable widget.
  • Our customer success team works around the clock and is relentlessly dedicated to making sure your campaigns are successful and exceed your goals.
  • Phone2Action’s tools provide you with new and innovative ways to reach your supporters and grow your database by leveraging Facebook Lead Ads, Facebook Messenger, SMS, and more.  
  • High-level and detailed reporting is available to help show the value of digital advocacy and demonstrate your impact to your stakeholders.