Utility companies build best-in-class digital advocacy campaigns with Phone2Action

Engage your customers and employees to leverage and align their actions with your organization's mission, values, and interests.

Energy companies operate in a heavily regulated environment—and it is getting more severe. The COVID crisis introduced massive change, affecting everything from oil prices to electricity demand and unleashing waves of legislation and regulatory action in Washington and state capitals.

Utility companies rely on Phone2Action's powerful and easy-to-use platform to improve brand equity, humanize complex subjects, and influence public policy outcomes.

Looking toward 2021 and beyond, energy companies will need an effective grassroots capabilities more than ever.

  • Legislative measures will continue impacting energy companies
  • The 2020 election will decide which party shapes our energy future
  • Agencies will set federal policy to address oil prices and electricity demand

“We see grassroots engagement as an opportunity to tackle our policy challenges in a new way... Traditional government affairs only gets us so far.”

Audric Dodds, Political Program Manager


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Key Benefits

Create and Activate

Launch campaigns in 30 minutes or less to connect your supporters with lawmakers via e-mail, webform, social media, and phone. Advocates can also post comments on all regulatory forms.

Broadcast, Mobilize & Engage

Access a variety of broadcasting channels including SMS, MMS, links, web code, or API access to mobilize your supporters and foster continued engagement through one-to-one communications.

Track & Report

Get real-time, up-to-the minute reporting on your campaigns – including who your top advocates are, what they’re saying to lawmakers on social media, and conversions from your text keywords.

messages to all lawmakers
people who have taken action with the Phone2Action platform.



Phone2Action Powers the Movements that Change the world.

Phone2Action has powered more than 27 million legislative connections and currently, 1 in 4 messages to lawmakers come through the Phone2Action system. Let us help you power your movement. Request a demo today.