Advocacy & Engagement On & Off the Field

Professional athletes made their voices heard in recent days by standing up for their first amendment rights. Explore how advocacy technology can help your team take a stand for what they believe in.

How We Help

Phone2Action is a civic engagement platform that makes it easy to mobilize your stakeholders, enabling them to speak up on important issues and educate elected officials on causes that matter to them. A pioneer in the digital advocacy space, our technology integrates a variety of tools in one platform, making advocacy easier, more innovative, and more effective than ever before.

take a knee

“One of the most effective ways for brands to take a stance on social issues is to empower their employees and their consumers to advocate on issues that align with the mission of the organization, elevating the power of people’s voices.”

- Jeb Ory, Co-Founder and CEO, Phone2Action

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Whether online, at events, or in advertising, you’ll be able to create highly visible campaign for your organization’s causes.

Our mobile-optimized software promotes audience and stakeholder loyalty and enables immediate campaign engagement.

By aligning your organization’s values and principles with grassroots initiatives, Phone2Action helps organizations build brand equity, identify powerful stakeholder stories, track actions, and create an active advocacy community.

Mobilize your audience through the most effective communication channels—text and social media

Our action websites are highly customizable and optimized through field reduction to achieve the highest conversion rates possible

Engage Supporters with Embedded Media Advertising

Embed a call-to-action into video and graphic content to reach and convert new supporters, such as:

  • Movies, TV, and Radio Advertisements
  • GIFs, Snapchat Filters, and Blogs
  • Jumbotron, Billboards and Marketing Assets

Find out how you can increase your advocacy efforts.

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