Grassroots Advocacy Platform

Power your movement with Phone2Action’s robust suite of easy-to-use, effective grassroots advocacy tools to mobilize your supporters and change the world.

Engage your advocates and connect them directly with their lawmakers at the federal, state and local levels, or post comments on regulatory forms.

Inspire them to speak up on issues important to them through social media, email and phone. And maximize your influence on public policy issues—all with Phone2Action’s grassroots advocacy platform.

In seconds, your advocates can send personal messages to their legislators through any or all of the following channels:


Send a message to their inboxes


Tweet lawmakers directly


Take action within Facebook Messenger

Patch-Through Calling

Call their offices with one click

Regulatory Forms

Post comments in regulatory forms


Campaigns that use the full range of these tools achieve a 70% success rate in reaching their public policy goals.

Get Running in 30 Minutes or Less

Not only are these campaigns easy for your advocates to use, they’re also simple to create and monitor for you, the grassroots organizer. Set up your first campaign today in 30 minutes or less.

  • Send an email directly to legislators.

    Enable your advocates to email lawmakers, committees or special targets in seconds. Connect them with Congress, State Legislators, City Councils, Governors, Mayors, School Boards, commissions, agencies and more. Our system automatically verifies constituents based on zip code. You can either craft a pre-approved message for supporters to send, or let them write their own. Additionally, our deferred send feature lets you approve every email before it goes to a lawmaker.

  • Take action within Facebook Messenger

    Our Advocacy Chatbot allows advocates to interact with a Phone2Action campaign page from within the Facebook Messenger app. Advocates can launch patch-through calls from within our Facebook Messenger, or take action using campaigns embedded within Messenger.

  • Tweet your officials.

    With Phone2Action, all your advocates need is to put in their zip code and Twitter handle and we’ll find their lawmakers for them. You can see the tweets that are sent to legislators in real-time from one location. Never miss out on the conversations happening online, and use our social media engagement tool, SocialPulse, to jump in and connect with your advocates straight from our platform.

  • Call lawmakers with our patch-through calling tool.

    The time for needing a separate calling vendor is over! Phone2Action enables you to connect advocates directly with lawmakers’ offices through patch-through calling. Now, you have control of your message, can launch call campaigns in minutes and can get real-time data on connected calls, caller information, length of calls and more.

  • Post Comments in Regulatory Forms.

    When your issue involves a proposed ruling from a regulatory body, mobilize your supporters to submit public comments via our integration with We can target any of the more than 300 agencies that leverage this website to solicit public feedback on proposed regulations. Each comment is submitted individually, so there is no need to worry that the comments you’ve worked hard to acquire will get uploaded as a single mass form letter. We've also taken extra steps in our platform to ensure no spam messages or misrepresentations are submitted.

  • Share your campaigns through SMS and MMS.

    With Phone2Action, you can use SMS/MMS broadcasting to share campaigns with your advocates. SMS/MMS is highly effective for action alerts. Here are a few reasons why:

    • 91% of all U.S. citizens have a mobile device within reach 24/7.
    • It takes 90 minutes for the average person to respond to an email. It takes 90 seconds for the average person to respond to a text message.
    • SMS has a 98% open rate; statistically, that’s almost perfect.
    • It’s the most versatile way to broadcast campaigns both online and at live events.

    For each campaign you create, you have the opportunity to create an opt-in keyword that advocates can text to a number we provide, and they’ll automatically receive your campaign. This lets you drive traffic to your campaign through social media, print ads, web pages, or live events.

Want to set up a campaign in less than 30 minutes?

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