Corporate Social Responsibility Solutions

Engage employees and consumers on issues that are aligned with your organization's mission and values.

Companies' pursuit of responsible business operations are pushing them to become active participants in public policy debates, now more than ever.

Mobilize your customers, employees and other key stakeholders while building a sustainable brand. Improve your brand equity and foster socially responsible initiatives by engaging constituents in grassroots advocacy. Phone2Action is the nation's leading advocacy platform for corporate social responsibility. Learn how leading companies are using our platform to influence public policy outcomes.

Our digital grassroots advocacy solution empowers you to:


campaigns around specific policy objectives


your message while empowering your advocates to speak out in their own voices


key success metrics, including number of stakeholders engaged and lawmakers contacted


with a supportive team that's available to help you


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Create unlimited focused policy campaigns.

Phone2Action campaigns can be as broad or narrow as you want them to be. Whether you’re focusing on connecting your advocates with their own officials or officials that you choose as part of your targeting, or even non-lawmakers as a part of public petition campaigns, we can help you drill down and target on the issues that are most important to you.

Control your message. Always.


Your effectiveness rests heavily on a good reputation in the public, including among elected officials. Thus, it’s important to us that we give you full control of your campaign message. Our email, Facebook, and Twitter forms can feature pre-filled messages that you write and approve, so all of your advocates are staying on message. Additionally, Phone2Action’s Deferred Send feature lets you approve (or reject) each advocate’s custom message before it makes its way to an elected official. That way, you control the message and protect your reputation during the entire process.

Track key success metrics.

Track your conversion funnel and the ROI on your advocacy campaigns with our campaign reporting dashboard. Be prepared to justify your investment in advocacy at any time—whether it’s reporting on how many advocates are engaged, which legislators are being influenced, or whether you’re winning on your policy issues.

Work with a supportive, loyal team.

Your success is our success. Our team is rooting for you, wanting to help you along the way. We’re available to help you use our platform, answer questions, and give you everything you need to succeed in your advocacy efforts

Does your company want to increase their advocacy efforts?

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