Advocacy for Associations

Whether you’re engaging organizations or individuals, Phone2Action can power your association’s advocacy campaigns with the best digital tools.

Whether your members are trade organizations or individual professionals, Phone2Action can help you engage them in digital advocacy campaigns to influence public policy. Here are a few key benefits:


advocate engagement with full-range campaigns


your organization's visibility and that of your advocates and campaigns


relationships with constituents and lawmakers through social media


opportunities for your members to make a real difference in your industry

Increase advocate engagement with full-range, multi-channel campaigns


When advocates are given a variety of options, they’re more likely to take action—especially if that action only takes a few minutes and can be done right from their smartphone. Increase your advocate engagement by making it easy and intuitive to take action, and by reaching them where they are: their smartphones.


Boost your visibility and that of your industry

An in-person visit to a legislation happens behind closed doors, and an email is confined to an inbox. But a Tweet or Facebook post—that’s public. By engaging your advocates to take action on social media, you automatically will increase the visibility of your campaigns and your cause. Plus, it’s another powerful way to hold lawmakers accountable.

Beyond our grassroots advocacy tools, our texting tool allows you to engage members with short-links to active campaigns at a 99% open rate. They can even take the extra step to share the campaign on their social media platforms to attract even more advocates.  

Not only does Phone2Action give you increased visibility through social media, but you can also create one-to-one relationships with advocates and build communities of advocacy online.

Provide opportunities for members to make a difference in your industry


There are lots of ways for your members to become involved in your industry. However, in this age of advocacy, people are looking for new and meaningful ways to engage with their elected officials on issues they care about.

By providing easy and effective opportunities for your members to connect with their lawmakers, you can give them a clear way to help secure and protect your industry while increasing your visibility and relevance.

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