Nonprofits, associations, corporations, and agencies use Phone2Action to power their public policy advocacy campaigns.


Increase your cause’s visibility and drive advocate engagement through grassroots advocacy campaigns. Track metrics for your board or run a grassroots campaign while controlling the message.

  • Compound your campaign visibility by leveraging digital tools—including social media
  • Establish a record of successful engagement and track that success in real time
  • Control your campaign message 24/7 while empowering your advocates to speak out with their own voices
  • Integrate with your entire tech stack so you never lose any of your valuable data


Integrate digital tools—including social media—into your public policy campaigns for maximum advocate engagement.

  • Build easy-to-use campaigns in minutes
  • Send public-facing messages through social media
  • Target campaigns as specifically as you need
  • Win on your issues with our full-range suite


Whether your members are trade organizations or individual professionals, Phone2Action can help you engage them in digital advocacy campaigns to influence public policy.

  • Increase advocate engagement with full-range campaigns
  • Increase your organization’s visibility and that of your advocates and campaigns
  • Build relationships with constituents and lawmakers through social media
  • Provide opportunities for your members to make a real difference in your industry


Improve your brand equity and build corporate responsibility initiatives by engaging stakeholders in grassroots advocacy. Phone2Action is the most trusted tool for enterprise advocacy needs.

  • Create campaigns around specific policy objectives
  • Control your message while empowering your advocates to speak out in their own voices
  • Track key success metrics, including number of stakeholders engaged and lawmakers contacted
  • Work with a supportive team that’s available to help 24/7


A well-run grassroots advocacy campaign can influence the laws or regulations that make or break your business. Elected officials do react to constituent feedback—but they have to hear directly from them. Phone2Action provides the tools and resources to help you give a voice to your employees, customers and other stakeholders.

  • Create campaigns around specific policy objectives
  • Leverage your network of customers, employees and supporters to contact lawmakers
  • Build a branded advocacy campaign site easily
  • Influence public policy and protect your business


Government Affairs teams have their hands full. From aligning grasstops supporters, meeting members of Congress and Administration officials, and connecting the dots at the state and local levels, there is never enough time.

  • Engage your employees and other stakeholders on their smartphones so they can connect with lawmakers in one click
  • Set up a multi-channel advocacy campaign in less than 30 minutes using our intuitive platform
  • When you need broader, more public engagement, use our advertising technology to target and acquire advocates online in any congressional district in the country


For your civically-minded clients, Phone2Action gives your agency an advocacy platform to engage them in campaigns and influence public policy.

  • Build digital advocacy campaigns to help your clients win on their public policy issues
  • Download rigorous reporting metrics for your entire suite and by specific campaigns, campaign groups and action centers
  • Customize campaigns and action centers that leverage images, videos and custom design to fit with your brand and visual identity
  • Set up a campaign within 30 minutes