Social Media Engagement

Meet your advocates where they are. Inspire them to take action and share campaigns with friends and family. Hold elected officials accountable in a public forum.

Social media has revolutionized advocacy.

Offline activities aren’t the most effective way to connect with lawmakers anymore. 84 percent of Americans say that people are more comfortable engaging in political discussion on social media than in person, and elected officials are shifting to social media as the most direct way to connect with their constituents. In fact, social shares offer the biggest indicator of organic campaign visibility.

Not only does Phone2Action empower your advocates to connect with their lawmakers through Facebook and Twitter, but we offer integrated social media management and engagement tools for you through SocialPulse, and now you can launch campaign-specific ads with our Facebook Lead Generation Ad Integration.

Always keep a finger on the ‘pulse’ of your campaigns from one central location:


campaigns through Facebook and Twitter


engagement and conversions in real time


legislative connections happen in real time


advocates in conversations directly


If you’re ready to start using these powerful social media engagement tools in your advocacy efforts, reach out to our team to schedule a SocialPulse demo.

Social media: the future of advocacy

The most direct way to connect with an official isn’t a rally. It’s not an office visit. It’s not a letter. It’s actually social media. Consider the following stats:

  • The average American spends one-third of their time on social media
  • 84 percent of Americans say that people are more comfortable engaging in political discussion on social media than in person
  • 57 percent of millennials take action online and nowhere else

One of social media’s most powerful contributions to advocacy is the fact that it brings conversations with officials from behind closed doors into the public eye. Now, 100 percent of Congress uses Twitter and Facebook.

Take advantage of this shift with one integrated tool for sharing campaigns, tracking success, watching legislative connections happen in real time, and building one-to-one connections with your advocates through Facebook and Twitter.

Key Features of SocialPulse

Share Campaigns through Facebook and Twitter

Broadcast campaigns through Facebook and Twitter with a single click. Phone2Action provides a seamless workflow for creating and broadcasting campaigns.

Track your entire conversion funnel from one dashboard.

Have all your metrics in one dashboard that you can view in just one click.

  • Impressions. Who’s seen your campaigns on Facebook and Twitter?
  • Engagement. Who’s interacting with your posts?
  • Conversions. Who’s taking action on a campaign because of your post?

Watch legislative connections happen in real time.

See your advocates’ connections with legislators happen in real time. Every time an advocate contacts a legislator on Facebook or Twitter through your campaign, that message shows up in your SocialPulse dashboard.

Watch your advocates share your campaigns through their own accounts.

Phone2Action gives advocates the ability to share campaigns on their own personal pages so they can encourage their friends and family to take action. With SocialPulse, you can see every social share in one location. See which posts generate the most engagement, and use that information to figure out what messages resonate with your advocates and to drive messaging strategy in the future.

Engage advocates and build one-to-one connections directly from the platform.

Social media is about more than simply broadcasting content and campaigns—it’s a place to interact with your supporters and stakeholders. It’s through social media that you have unprecedented ability to build advocacy communities and engage supporters year-round, not just when there’s a bill up for a vote. Engage your advocates directly from the SocialPulse dashboard by liking, sharing, retweeting, commenting, and replying to your advocates’ posts.

Want to see how SocialPulse can bring new life to your social media advocacy campaigns?

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Facebook Lead Generation Ad Integration

Your advocates can now email their legislators directly through your Facebook ads.

facebook lead gen integration

Key Features of Lead Gen Integration

Mobile Optimized, Advocate Friendly

Advocates can now take action from your ads, directly in Facebook, on their phone or on desktop.

Grow your Advocate Database

Integrate data collected from campaigns (such as email and text opt-ins) directly into your Phone2Action instance.

Engage Your Advocates

Make it easy for advocates to email legislators directly from Facebook and re-engage them in future campaigns.

Measure the Impact

Increase advocate communications with lawmakers, lower the cost of advocate acquisition and measure the true success of your Facebook lead generation campaigns.