Government Affairs Software for Companies

Win more federal, state and local policy battles with comprehensive software for tracking, lobbying and employee advocacy.

Enterprise tools for driving policy wins.

  • Know more with detailed data from 30+ sources at the federal, state and local levels.
  • Do more with lobbying, grassroots and collaboration tools.
  • Win more with the right intel and the right outreach.
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Government Affairs Executives

Show your ROI with customized status updates. Follow the whole team with integrated project management tools.

Federal Teams

Go way beyond bill tracking with comprehensive data including social listening, campaign contributions, lobbying disclosures and more.

State-and-Local Teams-right-to-left

State & Local Teams

Monitor and influence policy from the largest state capitals to the smallest cities. Get every update and contact every official.

Advocacy Teams

Launch employee campaigns that impact policymakers. Turn up the heat with our best-in-class, mobile-first advocacy software.


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