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Raising Money in a Challenging Time

Raising Money in a Challenging Time Fundraising is a crucial lifeline for many nonprofits. Motivating donors has…

Combining Advocacy and Fundraising Made NEDA’s Numbers Soar

The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) created synergy between its fundraising and advocacy programs—and watched both increase in performance. Advocacy shows value to donors. Fundraising gives advocates a new channel for support.

How AIM is Winning Champions in Congress

Things are changing at Alzheimer’s Impact Movement. The organization spent the last decade fighting for Alzheimer’s patients, but the response it gets today is different.

Creating High-Impact Advocacy With Blackbaud and Phone2Action

Creating High Impact Advocacy With Blackbaud and Phone2Action

It wasn’t long ago that Blackbaud and Phone2Action announced its new partnership.  Blackbaud’s cloud-based solutions for fundraising,…

How AIM Powered Up Advocacy

How AIM Powered Up Advocacy There was a time when the Alzheimer’s Impact Movement conducted digital advocacy in traditional…

The Case for Professional Advocacy Software

Ask yourself this question: does your advocacy program live up to its potential? If you don’t like…

National Parks Conservation Association

National Parks Conservation Association

Learn how the National Parks Conservation Association doubled donors and online revenue while unleashing powerful advocacy campaigns.