Data-driven insights for organizations that want to optimize their digital advocacy strategy

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Using data from hundreds of nonprofit organizations, associations, and companies that use Phone2Action, we identified unique insights about what works in digital grassroots advocacy based on how real advocacy campaigns performed.

Inside the report, you’ll find never-before-seen advocacy benchmarking data, including:

  • The average advocacy campaign conversion rates for specific policy issues
  • The number of minutes it takes after an SMS blast for advocates to take action
  • The most popular advocate acquisition methods

Download the report to get unique insights and actionable takeaways that will help you optimize your advocacy strategy.

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Machine Learning and Data
will help organizations optimize their advocacy efforts

Artificial Intelligence
will make personalization the new standard

Lead Generation Ads
are the new frontier

Advocacy campaign websites must be

Social Media
will change but will remain an important channel

Policymaking continues
to shift to
Local and Regulatory levels

of government

Timing Matters
for action-taking and acquisition

Text Messaging
is the powerhouse of digital advocacy